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Getting started

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Welcome to geetools - a collection of tools to help streamline your Google Earth Engine workflows. With a valid GEE account, these tools provide time-saving capabilities to manage your assets, uploads, and COGs seamlessly.

Each tool has its own dedicated page with usage instructions, so click any link below to get started:

Each of the tools have their own readme page where you will get the most updated information. Just click on the link to a specific tool

  • geeadd - Batch Asset Manager with Addons Batch asset manager for efficiently creating, editing, and deleting groups of assets in bulk. Also includes handy addons for common tasks like renaming and moving assets, GEE apps to url decode, searching catalogs and many more.

  • geeup - Simple CLI for Earth Engine Uploads Simple command line interface for uploading local files such as imagery and geospatial data to your Earth Engine account. Handles authentication and upload workflow.

  • cogee - Simple CLI for COGs in GEE Command line tool to find and register cloud-optimized GeoTIFFs (COGs) from your Google Cloud storage buckets into Earth Engine. Optimizes and accelerates registration and availability of assets.

Last update: 2023-10-16
Created: 2023-10-15